Why Apply for Legal Guardianship?

Protecting and assuring the future well-being of a loved one when you are gone is often an emotional and overwhelming concern for parents with children, or in cases when an adult loved one is incapacitated.

Guardianship of Property is the legal authorization for an individual(s) to make financial decisions on behalf of the child or adult that is incapable of making those decisions for themselves. Guardianship of the Person is the legal authority for an individual(s) to make personal care decisions on behalf of an adult that is incapable of making such decisions.

It is not always necessary to apply for Guardianship of Property. If the only assets consist of government benefits (such as ODSP, OAS and CPP), then it is possible for an individual to be appointed “trustee” by the relevant government agency to deal with such benefits on behalf of the incapable person.

Help with the Guardianship Application Process

If you are considering applying for a legal guardianship, Quinn Estate Law can provide you with expert guidance and advice, working with financial advisors to ensure an outcome that will be in the best interest of your loved one.
We’ll help through you through the entire process of applying for a guardianship for property and/or person, including

  • accurate completion of the often lengthy and complex guardianship applications
  • help with preparing the necessary supporting documents for the guardianship application
  • creation of a management plan to care for all of the assets of the incapable person (such as valuable personal items, vehicles, a home, investments, etc.)